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FIX TECHNICAL GLITCHES WHEN SEARCHING PREVIOUS ORDERS IN XPRESS / Be able to search for customer names in Lulu Xpress

Sometimes shopify and Lulu app don't match up correctly - (items are fulfilled, and we need to update it manually). Would be great to search for a customer in the Lulu xpress website orders as checking the custom dates doesn't work well - (you cannot search more than one page), so it really only can custom search one exact date.

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  • Oct 9 2019
  • Will not implement
  • Admin
    Nick Foster commented
    October 24, 2019 18:20

    Hi, I'm Nick, one of the Product Managers at Lulu. Adding the ability to search for a name is not something we plan to implement in the foreseeable future in xPress. We will definitely look into any issues or limitations with the search function in the Shopify app.

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    Guest commented
    October 25, 2019 10:38

    Hi Nick, thanks for getting back to me. there is a technical glitch when searching for previous orders in the current luluxpress system. Say I look up orders placed on a specific date, but thereĀ is more than 1 page of orders, I cannot look back to any other pages, I am only shown the first page. I then have to manually go back in time page by page to find any other orders on that date. So, searching for a customer name would help this - OR, fix the technical glitch that stops the problem please? Thank you!