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More competitive Shipping Costs - do it based off weight not quantity or Price

We are competing with amazon as well as so many other Print on Demand companies - we need to be transparent with our shipping costs!

Please organize for shipping to be charged based off weight and not off quantity or price of book!

I am paying more in shipping than the actual products, even though the cost of the post should not be so high.

Example - post 1 x book @2.00 (weighs 100g) to canada is $5.00

Post 3 x book @ 2.00 (300g) to canada is $9.50

post 1 x book @ 5.00 (500g) to canada is $5.00

post 1 x hardback book @9.50 (750g) to canada is $5.00

it doesn't make sense and we are losing customers.


Please review and make shipping prices competitive!

Thank you!

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  • Nov 15 2019