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Bring back private link sharing

I do not see any option to only sell my book through a private link, and bypass listing it on the Lulu store.  I have content which is not meant for public publication but which I share with friends and family to purchase.  Please bring this back, as it is one of the main features that keeps me using Lulu.

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  • Nov 21 2019
  • Already exists
  • Admin
    Carra M commented
    November 25, 2019 20:32


    Thank you for using Lulu and providing engaging feedback.

    The private link sharing option currently exists in our Beta site. I'll layout the steps to achieve this within your project.

    Entering the book creation tool on the "Start" step, choose "Sell your book" within the area titled "Are You Selling Your Book or Just Printing?"

    Work through the creation tool and get to the "Review" step. Within the "Retail Options" area, choose the selection "Direct Access". With these options set, you book will be available on the Lulu Bookstore for users with the Direct URL.

    Happy publishing!