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Better customer support

Sub-par customer support - on 2 issues

Firstly, I ordered two calendars and set up shipping to one of my clients, and she only received one. I called customer support, and was told that 1) a support ticket had to be set up and 2) there was no way to know how quickly this issue would be addressed and 3) the support rep couldn't tell me if the order would be made right quickly.


It's the Christmas season, and my client ordered two calendars for Christmas presents, but now I have no clue how long it will take to resolve the issue to ensure these gifts are in hand.


The customer service rep then told me she could only answer very general order information, and that the print shop would be the ones to address the issue. When asked for a number for someone in that division, I was told there was no way to call in - that everything had to be done through the support email process.


So I'm stuck with customer support reps who can't answer specific questions and waiting for who-knows-how-long for someone who can actually resolve the issue to get in touch via email.


I deal with other printers, and have never had one that wouldn't immediately put in the order for a missing print - no questions asked. 


On the second issue, I errantly left out part of another client's shipping address, realized the mistake and then immediately sent in a customer support ticket asking for the address to be rectified. The same customer service rep as above told me there is no way for Lulu to correct a shipping address once the order has been placed. What? After I insisted it HAD to be a possibility, she put me on hold for about 15 minutes while she found someone who miraculously could ensure the address was changed.


I'm not awed by your support. At all. In fact, I'm very disappointed. I love the end product, and I absolutely understand mistakes happen. But I expect quick resolution when those mistakes pop up.


Not sure I'll be able to continue using Lulu for any of my printing needs. Support should be responsive and quick, not frustrating and slow.

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  • Dec 4 2019
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    December 06, 2019 18:06

    Thank you for sharing your experience with our customer support team. I’m sorry to hear that it was not positive.

    Whenever a product is missing from an order, or any issue that relates to printing, we need images to communicate with our printer. Therefore, a case must be created to allow customers to reply with their images. It is not an issue that can be resolved on the phone. That is why you were informed that a support ticket had to be set up and that you could not be transferred to our print team. It is the most efficient way to resolve these types of issues.

    I personally handled your case 2306199 and placed a reorder today. You should have received an email with the new order number, # 2318380. Please note that it will ship via FedEx ground once it is printed.

    Due to our print-on-demand model, the reorder is placed in the queue in the order in which it was received a cnd cannot be printed quicker. This could have been explained to you on the phone; I’m really sorry it was not.

    We have a limited amount of time following an order to modify the shipping address. We cannot guarantee that we can, but we can check the status of an order to see if it is still possible. I’m sorry to see that you had to insist for our team to check on the address and get the address updated. That is not a reflection of how our team usually resolves issues like these.

    I’m taking this as an opportunity to review some of the mishaps you reported with our support team and improve our processes.

    Lastly, I want to thank you for your business and hope you have lovely holidays.

    Karine G.

    Lulu Press, Inc.

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    December 09, 2019 19:30

    I did receive the email, and I see the new order in my dashboard. Thanks for resolving the issue. So I guess the breakdown is with your customer service folks, who honestly didn't seem to know what to do and spoke very generally and vaguely - not confidently. 


    But, again, thank you for resolving the issue. I love the product, so now that I know the process of any problems I can move forward confident that I can get it resolved.