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Shopify live shipping rate integration with the Lulu xPress app (Carrier Calculated Shipping)



What is needed?

Live shipping rate integration between Shopify and the Lulu xPress app



Manually gathering, inputting and updating, shipping rates, for each shipping method offered, for every country in the world that can be shipped to, is an absolute nightmare.


Below is a support email I sent about a week ago. The tl;dr above is essentially the outline of the feedback, but the email below details the pain of having to manually collect the information needed and then manually enter those shipping rates into Shopify.


ps. I was only made aware of this Lulu Feedback page in the response I got from this email, so I definitely would have wrote this sooner if I knew about it.





We've been using Lulu xPress for a while now and overall the
experience has been great.

Although one major issue I've noted is the lack of efficiency implementing
your Shipping Rates.

My initial setup was a nightmare, let alone the fact I realised there was
no Live Shipping Rate integration with Shopify, there was (I believe still)
no easy efficient way to get the information I need to make sure I have the
correct shipping rates listed on my store to match what is offered by the
Lulu xPress service.

I believe I remember when I first set it up, it literally took me weeks to:

- Manually click through every single country, to
- Manually record every single shipping method and
- Record every single multiplier increase with each additional number of
copies entered
- stopping at 10, because that was insane enough
- Oh and also recording misc information such as checking which shipping
methods were trackable or not
- This is all from your page by the way
- And then having to manually input that entire
spreadsheet individually into my (Shopify) store

That first spreadsheet was and is insane. Also, yes. I did email asking for
the database or some form of spreadsheet where that data was being pulled
from. But apparently it was magically forming out of thin air, because it
was insisted that no such document existed.

Now comes the reason I am writing this email.

I recently just checked the Lulu xPress FAQ and noticed a few things under
the 'Order Fulfilment' section, specifically "What is the shipping time for
an order?", that have changed since the last I checked. Not only are there
a few differences in the number of days with some countries, but there are
entirely new shipping methods available to some countries that weren't
available before.

I'm not sure if I missed an email that notified and/or listed those
changes, but regardless. I am at where we are now needing to update my
Shipping Rates to match "new" Lulu xPress Shipping Rates. PLEASE HELP!

To be honest I actually only went to the Lulu xPress website to see if
there were any Holiday Order Deadlines I needed to be aware of to notify
our customers. As you read above, I have a much bigger problem.


End email.


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  • Dec 5 2019
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  • Dec 9, 2019

    Admin Response

    Hi and thank you for the feedback. We are definitely aware of the challenges with getting your shop's shipping setup. This is an unfortunate challenge that Shopify has decided to make extremely difficult for merchants and their 3rd-party fulfillment partners.

    Shopify limits the ability to use our ship methods directly in a Merchants' cart to Advanced and Plus level Shopify customers. We are working on a solution (for a fee paid to Shopify by merchants) to extend this support to Basic and General level Shopify merchant.