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In Orders, switching page number should not reset status to "All"

If you are viewing your orders and switch to a specific status, such as "In Production," you can't use the pagination feature. Switching pages resets the status back to "All."

On a related note, if you switch status, it doesn't reset the page number to 1. So this odd bug actually allows you to work around the previous bug—you can go to page two of "All" then switch to "In Production" to see page 2.

On a related note, you can go to page 45 of "All" then switch status to "In Production." The pagination will show x number of pages (like say 3: 1 2 3), but the URL indicates you are on page 45.

The only reason I was even cycling through the pages was to try and get a count of the total number of orders "In Production." A total count of items at the top of the page would be super handy to prevent people from having to use the pagination to manually get a count.

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  • Apr 10 2019