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Offer Publisher and Author accounts with distinct capabilities for different customer types

Offer Publisher and Author accounts for different types of customers using the UPP platform. 

Publisher accounts would be akin to parent or admin accounts. They would have the ability to link/unlink sub "Author" accounts to easily manage the sub account's unique properties like user access, project editing, report settings, email settings, copyright info, sensitive royalty/sales data, etc.

Publisher accounts would have admin rights for orders, marketing coupons, private manufacturing pricing in carts, product price setting, and the ability to control sub account access to some of these admin rights.

Author accounts would only see their account information and products. They would have initial control over their ability to link to Publisher accounts, but may also need to give up certain rights when linked. Examples might be the ability to set price points, offer marketing coupons, or control project editing and availability. This would be up to the Publisher and Author to negotiate.

Author accounts would have the right to unlink with Publisher accounts. This would remove Publisher account access to the Author account. Certain meta may persist in the Publisher account like previously linked order information, sales reports, and royalty data.

Credit to Nick. His idea for multiple xPress accounts linked to a shopify app spurred this idea.

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  • Jun 21 2018