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Add a product pricing endpoint

In working on an API integration, I found out there was a discrepancy between the base price and per-page price shown on the downloadable spec spreadsheet, and that given by the online price calculator.


I submitted a support ticket in reply to which I was told that I can't trust the download spec sheet and to use the online calculator. Leaving aside the fact that the downloadable spec sheet is permitted to go out of date, this means that the only way to derive accurate information about base pricing and per-page pricing is to use the web UI of the price calculator. But because there are thousands of combinations of options, this is really untenable.


So, what I'm proposing is that you expose a resource endpoint for pricing information, something like `/pricing` (list all pod-package-ids and their base and per page price), and `/pricing/<pod-package-id>` (list pricing for one product.


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  • Aug 9 2019
  • Admin
    Hooman Foroudastan commented
    August 22, 2019 17:59

    Thank you for your feedback. We understand that the downloadable spreadsheet is out of date. We'll talk with our product team about adding the endpoint you've described in the future. In addition to that, we are working to update the downloadable spreadsheet currently available.