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Reduce shipping costs.

I have been using Lulu for sometime now.  I am pleased with the customer support and most of the printing.  The cost to ship, however, is ridiculously high.  I have been told time and time again that  the cost of shipping books is based on weight.  My husband proved that to be false when he ordered twenty of my 2 ounce books and 20 hardback (over 1 pound weight each) books and the cost was the EXACT same to ship.  The cost of my books to ship them to me is almost as high as the cost of the books themselves.  Use flat shipping rates.  At the very least stop giving false feedback about why the cost is so high.  I have had people who wanted to purchase my books online from NOT buy from the site because of the extremely high shipping cost.  There ARE better choices for shipping that would make your sales go UP and make this site more user friendly for people looking to buy independently created books.  Give the creators a break, customers a reason to use, and increase your reach.   There are better alternatives for the shipping options that would lower the cost.  And sell more books.  

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  • Aug 23 2019
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    September 13, 2019 16:34

    Also, what happened to the discounts when ordering more copies?